Economic growth

Research and innovation within health and care presents huge opportunities for economic growth, bringing value and investment to Wessex, and the wider UK economy. 

We work with partners across the life sciences industry to deliver groundbreaking research and speed up the development and adoption of innovation, supporting routes to market and creating benefits for patients and our wider health and care system.

We're improving the discover, develop, deploy pathway, connecting our researchers with companies who can support their innovation, and the health and care professionals and organisations who can help develop and adopt it. 

Our approach

Our regional approach makes us unique. Our partnership includes Integrated Care Boards, top universities and leading NHS organisations in the Wessex region, offering excellence in research, innovation and health and care education.

Together, we create a culture for collaboration which makes it easier for individuals and organisations to form partnerships, sharing experience, resources and expertise.

We connect the right people from across the partnership and ensure our work is driven by the most pressing clinical priorities, identified by our health and care systems working with patients, the public and other stakeholders. 

We support economic growth, attract investment, create jobs and support the life sciences industry to thrive. 

Why Wessex?

From its coastal cities to its rural communities, Wessex is home to approximately three million people, including world-leading researchers, expert innovators and a highly skilled health and care workforce. 

Our diverse population makes Wessex an ideal setting to explore how to tackle the health and care challenges experienced in the UK, and much of the world.

With our state-of-the-art research facilities and cutting-edge centres, Wessex is an exciting place to deliver research and develop innovations which have global impact

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