About us

We accelerate improvements in health and care through research, innovation and training, for the benefit of patients and wider society.

Our thriving and growing regional partnership includes Integrated Care Boards, top universities and leading NHS organisations, and offers excellence in research, innovation and health and care education.

Our regional approach makes us unique. We create a culture for collaboration which makes it easier for individuals and organisations to work together, forming partnerships which improve population health and patient outcomes, both in Wessex and beyond. 

Together, we improve the Wessex region’s collective ability to address the challenges facing our health and care system, increasing the generation of collaborative and interdisciplinary research, and speeding the development and adoption of innovation at scale. 

What we do

  • Bring together world-leading experts to tackle health and care challenges
  • Support collaborations to generate synergy
  • Provide a trusted environment to nurture partnerships
  • Horizon scan for opportunities
  • Scope and articulate local health and care needs

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Our partners

AECC University College
Bournemouth University
University of Portsmouth
University of Southampton
Hampshire and Isle of Wight
NHS Dorset
Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust
Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust
Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust
Solent NHS Trust
University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust
University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
Health Innovation Wessex