Our governance ensures that our processes are effective, transparent, efficient and ethical, and that Wessex Health Partners remains adherent to law and robust under scrutiny.

Our work is governed and supported by our host, board and steering group. Find out more about each in turn:

Our host

Wessex Health Partners is hosted by Wessex Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) trading as Health Innovation Wessex (HIW), a company limited by guarantee.  

As host, HIW is responsible for legal and financial oversight of WHP, and helps drive the development of infrastructure and processes that will enable us to succeed in our objectives.

Its hosting services include the provision of corporate functions such as finance, human resources, communications and business support. 

Our board

Development and delivery of our strategy, business plan and associated programmes is overseen by our board, on behalf of our member organisations and host. 

Our board monitors our performance and impact against our strategic objectives, alongside providing managerial and operational oversight via our steering group. 

Our board members act as custodians of our values and promote a culture of partnership working and collaboration.   

Our board comprises 15 voting representatives from our founding partners (one for each), alongside our Chair and Managing Director. 

Our board meets six times a year to support strategic planning and review progress against plans on all aspects of WHP business.

The day-to-day business operations of WHP is managed by the WHP Managing Director, who reports to the WHP Chair on behalf of the WHP board.

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Read about our Chair and Managing Director

Our steering group

The role of our steering group is to oversee the development and delivery of our board-approved business plan and strategy. 

Our steering group is made up of representatives from our membership as well as research and innovation infrastructure in Wessex. It also engages more widely with a range of stakeholder groups to seek advice and enable partnership working. 

The steering group meets monthly, and its responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring best use of resources and delivery of member benefits
  • Steering the day-to-day activities of WHP
  • Implementing WHP policies on operational and commercial matters

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