Education and training

Investing in our workforce

Our work would not be possible without our world-leading researchers, expert innovators and highly skilled health and care workforce. Yet, workforce challenges are prevalent across the health and care sector in Wessex, and globally.

We know that organisations that empower and support their workforce to engage in research, innovation and training not only attract and retain staff, but they also deliver better outcomes.

We’re collaborating with our partners to support the Wessex workforce to access the latest education and training opportunities, from mentoring, coaching and networking, through to formal training schemes, programmes and initiatives.

Shaping the future

Our future workforce will require very different knowledge and skills to discover, develop and deploy innovative health and care services. 

We’re working with partners to understand the current training provision across Wessex, as well as the knowledge, skills and attitudes required, and will develop collaborations to expand and enhance the offer. 

As a partnership, we're: 

  • Identifying the breadth of activity and initiatives across Wessex which are focused on supporting the development of research, innovation, adoption culture, knowledge and skills.
  • Assessing the potential for increased collaborative working and the priorities for the region in terms of workforce development.
  • Initiating workstreams aligned with priorities to enable partners to share learning and experience more easily, and to widen access to successful schemes.
  • Developing a repository of expertise
  • Ensuring our workforce has the skills and motivation to participate in research and the development and adoption of innovation. 
  • Collaborating to develop curricula that attract students to Wessex because of our reputation for high quality and relevant education, alongside creating opportunities to work in our health and care sector and connected life sciences industry.

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