Our vision, mission and strategic workstreams

Wessex Health Partners is a strategic partnership of the region’s leading NHS organisations, universities and Health Innovation Wessex.

We improve health and care outcomes and tackle health inequalities, both in Wessex and globally, accelerating innovation and the translation of discoveries from research into benefits for patients, the public and the system.


A thriving regional partnership improving population health and patient outcomes with global impact.


Working in partnership, to accelerate better health and care through research, innovation and training.


  • To improve the region’s collective ability to tackle the greatest challenges facing the Wessex health and care system.
  • To generate greater collaborative and interdisciplinary research to speed the discovery, development and deployment of innovation at scale.  
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Strategic workstreams

Explore how we deliver our mission through our strategic workstreams and learn about our core programmes.

Our ambition is to improve the region’s collective ability to tackle the greatest challenges facing the health and care systems in Wessex. As partners, we each have knowledge and expertise which combined offers the opportunity to deliver greater impact, addressing health inequalities, improving outcomes and ensuring the quality and sustainability of our future health and care services.

Together, we will create an environment in which we collectively improve our knowledge and shared understanding of the challenges and align our research and innovation activities to the areas of need. We will promote a culture of collaboration across organisational boundaries and with patients and the public, supported by more systematic ways of working together to deliver impact.

Funders of research, innovation and training, increasingly emphasise the importance of collaboration and impact. We will enable more deliberate and timely coordination and development of funding applications at the level of the Wessex region and therefore access a greater range of opportunities where collaboration strengthens applications and larger population sizes are required. Our approach will harness local strengths and address clear priorities.

Our cross-organisational and interdisciplinary discover, develop, deploy teams with their potential to rapidly and substantially benefit local people and communities, will appeal to funding bodies. We will provide seed-funding to support growth of existing and new programmes. We will support wider stakeholders, for example, local authorities to engage in research and innovation and develop their capacity and capability.

The rapid and effective adoption of proven innovations at scale is a major challenge in health care.  Health care is rich in evidence-based innovations, yet even when such innovations are implemented successfully in one location, they often disseminate slowly - if at all. With its core purpose of taking ownership of the ‘Discovery, Development, Deployment’ pathway, WHP can deliver greater adoption at scale across Wessex.

Workforce challenges are prevalent across health and care in Wessex, and globally. Organisations that empower and support their workforce to engage in research, innovation and training attract and retain staff and deliver better outcomes.

Our future workforce will require very different knowledge and skills to discover, develop and deliver innovative health and care services. WHP will work with partners to understand the knowledge, skills and attitudes required across Wessex, the current training provision and develop collaborations to expand and enhance the offer.

The Wessex Secure Data Environment (Wessex SDE) will provide a secure infrastructure for researchers in the NHS and our regional partners, enabling access to integrated multi-modal data from various sources, including electronic health records, imaging, pathology, genomics, and research cohorts. The Wessex SDE will make data more accessible, less fragmented, and of higher quality, while also gaining public and patient support for health data research.

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